Your expression is uniquely yours. If you don't share it, the world will never know.

What is “art”, anyway? At Giving Gallery Everywhere, we’re not sure we care. But we do care about you, and making sure you’re staying healthy. Expressing yourself is just one part of a healthy life, but it doesn’t help if you’re not expressing yourself to someone. Enter Start with Art.

If you make something, and it expresses something from you, we want to see and share it. Any creative expression that’s exciting for you to make is good with us. Whether you draw, paint, sculpt, write poetry or songs, assemble clothes hangers into a representation of teenage angst, we want to see it. Specifically, we want to see your response to the theme you’ll find on the next page. To be clear: this is not a contest. No judgment here. We’re going to post your creative responses and see how folks react. It’s like a conversation without words. Unless you submit words, which is fine too.