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Making voices heard
Shelby Keefe, 2017

Neighborhood Connection

Metcalfe Park Community Bridges

With the leadership of committed residents, Metcalfe Park Community Bridges is effecting change in Metcalfe Park to make it a safe, accessible and diverse neighborhood. It brings residents together to participate in community and civic life, celebrate their diversity and culture and instill in them the power they have to build a better neighborhood for themselves and future generations.

Artist Statement

Shelby Keefe

There is a great need in this inner city Milwaukee neighborhood, Metcalfe Park, for safe places for children to play. Butterfly Park is pictured here to reflect the joy children have when provided with such simple things as swing sets. Well-maintained and safe parks are essential and provide safe passage to and from school. Crosswalks and governed intersections are necessary to slow down traffic and make it safe for young people to cross the street.

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