Giving Gallery Everywhere Mini Tours:
Small tours, big impact.

When we imagine our ideal community, what do we see? Safe. Inclusive. Compassionate. Sustainable. Visual art gives us the opportunity to see the world through someone else’s eyes. Unprecedented times call for unity, empathy and inspiration. Through the art and nonprofit partners highlighted in giving Gallery Everywhere, we hope you are moved and inspired to share your time, treasure and talent. Since 1992, Northwestern Mutual has donated more than $380 million to support best-in-class nonprofits across the United States. Giving Gallery Everywhere has the power to engage our virtual community to turn our hope into action, together.

Our focus areas of giving

Community Connection

Life made better

The umbrella organizations we partner with share a common goal: to improve the quality of life for everyone in our community. They make it better by strengthening the health, safety, education and culture of the greater Milwaukee area.

Neighborhood Connection

Home starts here

A neighborhood is an extension of the home. When those voices are heard, we create a warm, safe and welcoming place that fosters strong families, happy children and loads of promise. We work closely with residents and leaders of three neighborhoods to create positive change for today and tomorrow.

Community Destinations

Step outside your world

We have to say it: Milwaukee rocks. We’re always excited to share just how special our city is with both residents and visitors. Through our partnerships with local destinations, we give the community the chance to enjoy new cultural and educational experiences.

Childhood Cancer

Hope is on the horizon

A future without childhood cancer is possible. We believe it, and so do our partners. We work with childhood cancer organizations, hospitals and researchers across the country to accelerate the search for cures and support children and their families facing this disease.

Empowering Education

Inspiring lifelong learners

A nurturing and rigorous education makes all the difference in a child’s life. It’s not only a child’s stepping-stone to a brighter future but also a building block for a stronger community. Our collaborative efforts with public, private and charter schools, education nonprofits, mentorship programs and more focus on providing every child in Milwaukee access to a better education.

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