Born and raised in Milwaukee, Julie has a deeply rooted respect for city life but often finds herself drawn to the natural world. The contrast of man’s influence on the world and the power of Mother Nature is commonly illustrated in much of her personal fine art work. Julie graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in illustration. Now a full-time freelance artist and illustrator, Julie enjoys creating murals and working on larger-than-life pieces.

What does this project mean to you?

I was really excited to be paired with Milwaukee College Prep (MCP) because of my background. I grew up in Milwaukee and, in high school, attended Milwaukee Public Schools. During my onsite visits to MCP, I made personal connections that gave me an understanding of the obstacles students face. I love the challenge of conveying a visual story, especially one like this that is complex and layered.

Where is your favorite place to go for inspiration?

An art museum or a good hike!

Cake or pie?

Pie, definitely!

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