Meet the Artist: Tom Queoff

A native of Green Bay, Tom is an avid outdoorsman, which has inspired his elegant contemporary sculptures throughout his career. Working in cast metals, wood and stone, Tom’s abstract style is a direct tie to his love of and interaction with nature. He currently owns and operates TQ Sculpture Inc. in the Historic Third Ward, where he creates his work. He received his Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1977.

COA Youth & Family Centers: The success of COA Youth & Family Centers is a result of involving the entire family. It’s through the programs and people of COA, along with the support of the families, that children are able to thrive. This ideal led me to create a family sculpture inspired by elements of nature.

Milwaukee Public Museum: When I toured the museum, a taxidermied passenger pigeon caught my eye. For a specimen, it was in remarkable shape. That was inspiration for this piece. As a hunter myself, I wanted to show how man can help or in this case hinder a species’ survival. Passenger pigeons used to be incredibly common but eventually became extinct because of man.

Could art save a life?
I think so. Art can give purpose to someone’s life by expanding it in many ways.

Where is your favorite place to go for inspiration?
I like to go to remote, or fairly remote, areas in the outdoors.

Who or what is the biggest influence on your art?
I’m very influenced by nature. I especially find inspiration in plant life.