Meet the Artist: Mike Miller

After a 37-year career at Northwestern Mutual, most recently serving as Chief Company Photographer, Mike retired in 2016 and began his own photography business, Mike Miller Images. His appreciation of the arts has inspired him to create his own vision through photography. In his work, he has photographed musicians, athletes, street scenes, nature, architecture, construction, portraiture and culinary arts.

I found the strength and courage of the children, parents and siblings I met to be truly amazing. The doctors, nurses and researches show true compassion and optimism. And the children affected by childhood cancer are still optimistic as well – they continue to dream about the future and enjoy life to its fullest every day.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation: Jay and Liz Scott have dedicated their lives to the memory of their daughter, Alex, helping further the research to end childhood cancer. Alex herself started this campaign to save the lives of other children affected by cancer. Hope is poured with every glass.

Beads of Courage: Beads of Courage provides art-in-medicine programs for children coping with serious illness and their families. It was a privilege to witness firsthand children and their families creating beautiful necklaces. The outlet takes the focus off illness and instead puts it on creativity and bonding with one another.

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin: Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin creates a loving environment for children and families. Their staff is so wonderful, warm and caring of everyone who comes through their doors. The best care you could ever imagine. Love, compassion and, of course, optimism fill this very special hospital.

Where is your favorite place to go for inspiration?
I like to go for a run to clear my head.

What do you hope people will feel when they see your work?
I hope they recognize that a journey of pain, suffering and fear can have an outcome of care, love, confidence and optimism for the future.

Cake or pie?
Cake! Chocolate cake!